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  • In the event of a building evacuation, please follow instructions given by building and emergency personnel.
  • Fire alarm bells and speakers are located on the walls and in the ceiling space throughout the floors, the main lobby and the garage. These are used to sound the emergency alarm and will be used as a communications system by the Fire Department in an emergency situation.
  • The building contains two (2) evacuation stairwells that extend the height of the building. The stairwells have an enclosure of two-hour rated construction.
  • Stairwell doors employ electronic locksets that automatically release when a Fire Alarm sounds or a sprinkler discharges. This will allow you to enter refuge floors or to switch stairwells on any floor if necessary.
  • In the event of a fire emergency, the elevators are not to be used. All elevators are recalled to the lobby level and shut off until re-activated by the Fire Department.
  • Whenever an alarm is initiated from a main lobby smoke detector, all elevators will recall to the 2nd Floor.
  • The building fire protection system has a multi-zone fire monitor and notification panel. In addition to controlling all fire alarms, smoke detectors, pull-stations, it will alert the building staff to any smoke alarm or sprinkler discharge and indicate its location. It will also initiate smoke exhaust from the affected floor and will cause the electronic locks to release on the stairwell doors. The Fire Chief will use the public address system to speak to all or selected floors and to initiate or control full or partial evacuations. This is an invaluable aide to both the Fire Department and Property Management.