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Tenant Housekeeping

  • No flammable or explosive fluids or materials shall be kept or used within the building except in areas approved by the Property Management Office. Disposal of all Hazardous Wastes generated by the tenant or its contractors is the responsibility of the tenant, and shall be coordinated with the Property Management Office. The tenant shall comply with all applicable building and fire related codes.
  • Tenants shall not allow any work to occur in or about their Leased Premises that may cause odor or excessive noise without first scheduling the work with the Property Management Office. Such work must be accomplished after-hours and will require adherence to the building’s Indoor Air Quality procedures. It is the responsibility of the tenant to provide the Property Management Office with Material Safety Data Sheets for all fluids or materials to be utilized in association with this work.
  • Corridor doors shall be kept closed at all times when not in immediate use. The tenant shall lock all office doors leading from the Leased Premises to the corridors, and turn out all lights at the close of their working day.
  • Portable heating devices are specifically prohibited.
  • No room or rooms shall be occupied as sleeping or lodging apartments at any time.
  • No vending machine or machines other than usual office equipment shall be installed, maintained, or operated upon the Leased Premises without written consent of the Property Management Office.
  • File boxes should be kept a minimum of three (3) feet from all exterior windows.
  • Any portion of the Leased Premises that is visible from public areas shall be maintained in accordance with first class office building standards in Washington, DC.