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Tenant Fire Wardens

Qualifications, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Floor Wardens and their Alternates to Control Any Emergency

The Fire Wardens are appointed by each tenant of the Building. Those persons or their alternates, Deputy Fire Wardens, must be present at all times while the Building is occupied. These Wardens must be familiar with the Building evacuation plan, floor layouts, and location and use of fire equipment. In the case of tenants occupying a full floor or more than one floor, each floor should have at least two Fire Wardens and two Deputy Fire Wardens. Partial floor tenant should have at least one Fire Warden and one Deputy Fire Warden.

Fire Wardens, Deputy Fire Wardens, and their alternates should be selected on the basis of two principle criteria:

  • First - They must be alert and resourceful individuals who would be capable of performing in a leadership role during an emergency situation;
  • Second - They must typically work within the Building, rather than having their primary duties and responsibilities at a different location.

The Deputy Fire Warden shall provide leadership in the absence of the Fire Warden. If the Fire Warden is present during a fire evacuation the Deputy Fire Warden is expected to assist in the evacuation of the floor at the direction of the Fire Warden.

Fire Wardens are the "connecting link" between the Property Management Office and their respective employees and co-workers. As such, they have direct control and responsibility for all decisive matters relating to the safety of their employees during an emergency. It must be emphasized that the Fire Warden (within the bounds of the Emergency Plan) is in charge during an emergency and all corporate hierarchy should disappear.

Fire Wardens are responsible for selecting, identifying, and training sufficient back-up personnel and "emergency assistants" other than the Deputy Fire Warden to effectively perform their emergency duties and responsibilities.

Fire Wardens, Deputy Fire Wardens, and their alternates must be knowledgeable about items that are not commonplace to their office space, i.e., unusual or foreign to the normal environment of their respective company areas, so that in the event of a bomb threat, for example, they will be qualified and instrumental in assisting in the identification of any suspicious item.

Due to the key positions they occupy, Fire Wardens, Deputy Fire Wardens and their alternates must assure that during their absences from the building, other qualified associates are always familiar with and available to perform their emergency duties.

Methods for Reporting Changes in Fire Wardens and Deputy Fire Wardens

The Fire Wardens are essential in responding to an emergency in the Building, and because they are the appointed "connecting link" between the Property Management Office and their respective office/firm, communication of emergency instructions and information must never be interrupted due to the transfer or loss of this key individual.

Thus, changes in the employment status and/or replacement of each Fire Warden or Deputy Fire Warden must be reported immediately, in writing, to the Property Management Office. Efforts must be made to immediately train the replacement individuals in all aspects of the Emergency Plan. This can be accomplished through the Property Management Office.

Authority of the Warden

All tenant supervisory personnel and employees must recognize that it is essential for them to voluntarily accept emergency instructions given to them by the Fire Wardens and/or Deputy Fire Wardens in order to insure a safe and orderly response to any emergency situation.

Tenant Employee’s Emergency Duties and Responsibilities

All tenant employees must remain calm, attentive, responsive and quiet, so they are able to hear all pertinent emergency instructions and/or orders, and so that they will not add confusion or dangerous panic to the emergency procedures initiated for their personal safety.

Testing of the Building's Emergency Plan Procedures

Various aspects of the Building's Emergency Plan Procedures will be tested on a deliberate, systematic, and periodic basis, in accordance with instructions from the Property Management Office and/or the Fire Department.

Conduct with the News Media

Experience has proven that the company which "makes the headlines" frequently becomes the target for prank callers. Thus, for the protection and safety of all occupants of the building, tenant employees are requested to refer news media inquiries to their respective company's public relations representative or to the Property Manager.

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