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Visitor Processing

In order to provide more enhanced security to the office tenants, a visitor check in process is in place at 1900 K Street. The system consists of a visitor check at the Lobby Security Desk. This will also require that employees to the building display a building picture identification card.

Pre-Authorizing Visitors

Tenant designated personnel will need to pre-authorize visitors to the building by entering visitor names into the MyKastle Visitor Link System.

To enter visitors into MyKastle, the individual will need to have a Kastle issued card and set up a user name/password account through MyKastle. The individual is only able to use the visitor management functions for their firm. They do not have any administrative rights within the system. The Visitor Management functions will allow the individual to authorize visitors as well as run a report showing the visitors they authorized the day before. Individuals within the firm who have administrative rights may run the same reports that will show all of the firm’s visitors.

It is important when pre-authorizing a visitor that the time entered should be before the scheduled appointment and not be the time a meeting starts. The Security Officer views the system in real time so if a visitor arrives before the time entered on the Authorized list, the visitor’s name will not appear. The officer will then follow the Non Authorized Visitor procedure (below). We recommend that the time entered in the "Earliest Time" be at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event.

Visitor Interaction - Pre Authorized Visitors

Upon arriving to the building, the visitor should report to the main security desk. The visitor will be asked to present a picture ID such as a driver’s license. The Security Officer will use the identification card to query the visitor database by means of a card scanner. If a match is found, the officer will check the visitor in, which will generate a paper badge. If an elevator access card is to be issued, the visitor will be given the badge and the access card and directed to the passenger elevator bank. We ask that the tenant’s receptionist to collect the elevator access badges for re-use after the visitor arrives. Access cards that are not returned to Security will be billed to the tenant after 30 days.

Visitor Interaction - Unannounced Visitors

Should a visitor arrive at the security desk that has not been entered into the system, the process will vary in that the Security Officer will need to gain a verbal approval from the tenant. When the Security Officer cannot find the visitor in the system, the officer will call a tenant designated individual. The officer will provide the visitor’s name and the name of the individual they are to meet. Once the tenant representative gives an approval, the Officer will enter the visitor information in MyKastle and complete the check in process. Should the tenant not be able to verify the visitor, or if Security is unable to reach a designated individual for authorization, the visitor will be politely turned away. Security will not be able to provide access to unauthorized visitors.