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Building Rules & Regulations


Tenants shall give immediate notice to the Management Office in case of accidents in the Leased Premises or the building. Such notice shall be followed by a written incident report within 24 hours of the time of the occurrence.


Respecting the sensitivity of all tenants, animals are prohibited from all areas of the building and garage. This does not include cases where animals assist disabled persons.

Building Hours Access

Monday through Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Building Access Control

Access control is currently provided at 1900 K Street 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All persons entering or leaving the building after 6:30 p.m. daily, and all day Saturdays, Sundays, and building holidays will be required to use their valid access card for entry into the building. 1900 K Street reserves the right to deny entry to anyone without proper identification. Any person leaving with any furniture or office equipment must have written permission from the tenant. 1900 K Street shall not be responsible for lost or stolen property, money or jewelry from the Leased Premises or public areas regardless of whether such loss occurs when the area is locked against entry. 1900 K Street only provides access control to the common areas of this building and does not assume any responsibility for security of this building or for security of tenant spaces.

Canvassing and Soliciting

Canvassing, soliciting, or peddling in the building is prohibited and tenants shall cooperate to prevent same. If you become aware of any such person or activity, please notify the Property Management Office or Security immediately.

Carpet Damage

Tenants will be responsible for any damage to carpeting and flooring resulting from rust or corrosion of file cabinets, plant holders, roller chairs, metal objects, spilled beverages and stains. The building janitorial service will only spot-clean carpets: carpet cleaning will be provided by the Property Management Office upon request as an above-standard service.

Certificates of Insurance

All tenant vendors and contractors are required to supply the Property Management Office with certificates of insurance witnessing appropriate insurance coverage for the scope of their work and naming the Landlord, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. and the Mortgage company as an additional insured on all policies with respect to their work at 1900 K Street. It is the responsibility of the tenant to assure that valid certificates of insurance are delivered to the Property Management Office on a timely basis. See the Insurance Requirement section below for additional information.


The Property Management Office reserves the right, at any time, to rescind any one or more of these regulations, or to make such other and further reasonable rules and regulations as in the Management’s judgment may from time to time be necessary for the safety, care and cleanliness of the building and Leased Premises, and for the preservation of order therein.

Common Areas

All sidewalks, entries, passages, courts, corridors, stairways and elevators in or around the building shall not be obstructed by tenants, tenant’s guests or agents, or used by them for purposes other than entrance and exit of the leased premises.


When cooling for the tenant’s computers is dependent upon the building electrical and mechanical system, 1900 K Street shall not be responsible for mechanical failures that may result in computer shutdowns. In the event of interruptions in service for preventative maintenance, the tenant will be notified in advance so that computers may be shut down while repairs are made.


Unless expressly defined in these Building Rules and Regulations, all defined terms shall have the same meaning as set forth in the respective Lease Agreements covering rental space in 1900 K Street, Washington, DC.

Directories and Signs

A directory is provided at the lobby level, listing tenants of 1900 K Street. This directory can be found by the concierge desk before the elevator lobbies.1900 K Street will provide a listing of the tenant’s names and a certain number of employees of the tenant in accordance with the tenant’s Lease document. All listings must be approved by and ordered via the Property Management Office. No sign, decoration or advertisement shall be attached to the building and no sign, decoration or advertisement shall be put up or painted upon the building, in the halls, staircases or entrances, except upon the doors or walls inside the Leased Premises, without prior written approval by the Property Management Office. Additional suite signage is available upon approval of the Property Management Office at the tenant’s sole cost and expense.


In the event of fire, please follow the procedures outlined in the Fire and Emergency Procedures Manual. To obtain a copy of the Emergency Manual please contact the Property Management Office at 202.467.1400 during business hours or see the Emergency Procedures section of this site.

HVAC After Hours

Air conditioning and heating will be provided, in season, at a temperature and in amounts that comply with the provisions of the Lease Agreement. Such service will be furnished during non-building standard hours upon written request, at the tenant’s cost and expense. All requests for additional services must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. or additional charges will apply. Please contact the Property Management Office for information on the current charge for overtime air conditioning and additional labor charges.

Janitorial Services

Standard janitorial services are provided five (5) days per week (Monday through Friday). All special cleaning requests are subject to additional charges and should be made through the Property Management Office.

Disposal of any trash that will not fit into the usual trash receptacles shall be coordinated through the Property Management Office. Important papers, boxes, maps, plants, and the like, should not be left on or near wastebaskets. Standard nightly janitorial services do not provide for the washing of dishes, glasses, coffeepots, utensils, the cleaning of tenant bathrooms and showers, or the kitchens or wet bars on the Leased Premises. These services are available through the Property Management Office for an additional charge. Tenants shall not employ any janitorial service or other person to take care of the Leased Premises other than the regular janitorial service of the building, except with the express written permission of the Property Management Office. Tenants shall not hinder the work of the janitorial service after 10:00 p.m. and such work may be done at any time when the Leased Premises are vacant. The windows, doors and fixtures outside of the Leased Premises may be cleaned at any time.


The Property Management Office will furnish each tenant with two (2) keys for each corridor door entering its Leased Premises. Additional keys will be available from the Property Management Office at a nominal charge. All such keys shall remain the property of 1900 K Street. No additional locks shall be allowed on any door to or within the Leased Premises without the Management Office’s express written permission. Upon termination of the Lease, tenant shall surrender to the Property Management Office all keys furnished to the tenant as well as the combination of all locks for safes, safe cabinets and vault doors, if any are left in the Leased Premises.

Modifications of Premises and Tenant Construction

No painting, decorating, or alterations to the Leased Premises are to be done without the prior written consent of the Property Management Office. All requests to make such alterations must be made in writing, specifying the requested modifications in such detail as the Landlord requires. A pre-construction meeting must be scheduled with the Property Management Office to review and discuss the Rules of Site as well as any required documentation need prior to work commencing. Landlord review of all prints and other documentation is required as detailed in tenant’s Lease. All contractors working within 1900 K Street are required to provide the Landlord with a certificate of insurance naming the Landlord as Additional Insured on all policies governing their work. A signed copy of the Landlord's Rules of the Site will be required prior to the beginning of the contractor's work. At the tenant's expense, each contractor will be required to follow the Landlord's rules and procedures concerning indoor air quality, including painting, wood and metal refinishing. The installation of any building material will require asbestos-free certification to the Property Management Office. Should a tenant need to add humidification equipment, the equipment must be added in a manner that prevents the growth of microbials within the ductwork and air handlers. Installation of communication, computers, or alarm systems are to be done in coordination with the Property Management Office. Any damage to the Leased Premises done or caused by the tenant or its’ agents or employees will be repaired by 1900 K Street contractors at the tenant’s sole cost and expense.


All tenants moving in or out of the building and a representative of their moving company must contact the Management Office at least three (3) business days prior to the date of the move for coordination assistance. The tenant should make every effort to schedule moves for weekends. All safes, furniture, fixtures, or other bulky articles shall be moved in or out of the building only in a manner approved by the Property Management Office. The Property Management Office shall, in all cases, retain the power to prescribe the weight and proper positions of safes and other weighty articles before the same are admitted into the building, but in no event shall the weight of live loads exceed 80 pounds per square foot. The tenant is cautioned in purchasing furniture, which the size is limited to such as can be placed in the building service elevator and will pass through the doors of the Leased Premises. Large pieces should be transported in parts and set up in the offices. The Property Management Office reserves the right to refuse to allow any furniture or fittings of any description to be placed in the building which do not comply with the above conditions. The tenant at their sole cost shall repair any and all damage to the building, building lobby, or elevators. The Landlord must be completely satisfied that any repairs are completed properly.


Tenants shall not disturb the occupants of the building by the use of any musical or sound-producing instrument, making unseemly noises, or by interference in any way.


The Leased Premises shall be in compliance with all applicable Governmental codes and Regulations at all times.


The taking of photographs in the lobby or any other common area of 1900 K Street is permissible only with prior written consent by the Property Management Office.

Plumbing and Leaks

All appliances installed in the Leased Premises, including but not limited to refrigerators, ice-makers, dishwashers, showers and water lines for coffee makers must be properly operated and maintained by the tenant. All water leaks or suspicions of leaks must be reported immediately to the Property Management Office. All repairs shall be done at the tenant’s sole cost and expense with approved contractors. The cost of any repair of any damage to the Leased Premises, another tenant’s space or belongings, or the building, resulting from the use or maintenance of such appliances will be paid by the tenant.

Receptions and Parties

When planning an open house or party reception, approval and coordination with the Property Management Office is required. Caterers may use the loading dock to unload but then will remove trucks from site until function is over. Functions held in association with the Presidential Inauguration, or other national commemorative events are subject to the needs of law enforcement and may not be permitted.


Currently, 1900 K Street recycles white paper, newspaper, aluminum, glass bottles, light bulbs and batteries which may be collected by housekeeping, stored in the loading dock, and then recycled by the building’s recycling vendor.

  • Office Waste: This is collected nightly (Monday through Friday) by the Housekeeping staff and placed in the large compactor in the loading dock.
  • Aluminum/Glass: This material is collected on an as-needed basis from central collection locations within the Leased Premises (i.e. pantry). They are placed in the toters on the loading dock platform.
  • White Paper/Newspaper: This material is collected on an as-needed basis from central collection locations within the leased premises.
  • Cardboard: Cardboard is collected by housekeeping and placed in designated containers on the loading dock, and then will be recycled by the building’s trash collection company. Cardboard boxes must be broken down before being placed in the cardboard container.
  • Restaurant/Retail Trash: See lease provisions
  • Electronic and durable goods: Electronic and durable goods recycle fairs are held twice per year. Please contact the Property Management Office for more information.

If you would like advice on how to collect recyclable materials more efficiently within your firm’s space, please contact the Property Management Office.

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